Spring Fling with Tom Hardy: A ladies’ guide to his films

For some, spring means renewal and cleaning. This year—for me—it means going through Taboo withdrawals, bingewatching Tom Hardy films, and wallowing in the inevitable filth. I mean that in a good way.

I’ve distilled his work down to its most crucial elements to save you some time. Since I found myself writing, “He grunts, he’s dirty, and it’s super violent” for every film, just take that as a given. This list isn’t comprehensive, because … writing and work and stuff.


The Dark Knight Rises (Batman): Tom wears a mask the whole time. Pointless.

Lawless: So…much…Shia…LaBeouf. And bootlegging. However, there is a rare Tom Hardy love scene in this film. So of course the director fades to black and cuts to morning. Proof that we need more female directors in Hollywood.

Legend: There are two of him!

Mad Max: Tom races through the desert with a bunch of Australian post-apocalyptic weirdos chasing him, then turns around and races back. But he looks good while doing it. He’s got about, oh, six lines of dialogue. Meanwhile, Charlize Theron kicks some serious ass.

The Revenant: Tom’s character isn’t nice and he’s dirtier than usual, but he has a nifty accent. He runs through the snow a lot. He doesn’t look good while doing it, but his acting is delightful. [SPOILER] After a long, long while, Tom gets what’s coming to him.

RocknRolla: Were you aware there is a movie starring Tom, Idris Elba, AND Gerard Butler? There is.

This Means War: Tom fights with Chris Pine over Reese Witherspoon, who is totally the beard in this film, since these two guys should obviously be together. See note above about needing more women in the film industry.

Wuthering Heights (TV movie): Tom broods on the Moors like a boss. Sadly, his wig is terrible, but it’s still well worth the watch.

Have a favorite Tom Hardy movie? Tell me about it in the comments. Happy Spring viewing!

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  1. This Means War is definitely one of my favorite all-time movies. Whoever decided to put Tom & Chris in a movie together is a genius. Never heard of RocknRolla? Will have to look that up. 🙂 Happy Spring!

  2. This blog post made me laugh. And then made me sad, because I haven’t seen any of the movies you listed. Not one. What have I been doing with my life? I need a movie weekend.

  3. Hmm. Can’t say I’ve seen any of these either. When I saw the title of the post I got all excited because I thought you were talking about Thomas Hardy, the author! LOL. Never heard of this other guy. Seriously. Haven’t watched TV in several years and rarely go to the movie theater, so I’m at a loss. A couple of them sound interesting though, so thanks for moving me into the 21st century!

    • Oh, that’s too funny–and would have been quite a different blog! For a decent film adaptation of one of Thomas Hardy’s novels, check out Far From the Madding Crowd. As for Tom Hardy the actor, this is a tongue-in-cheek list, but the truth is he’s a terrific actor and has made some very good films– Inception, The Revenant, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy being just a few.

  4. Same here, I was thinking of Thomas Hardy…but I’ve also been so isolated from movies. Maybe I need to remedy that, after I plant my garden!

  5. Despite the very bad hair, I love his Heathcliff. I must admit though I’m not 100% sure if Tom speaks at all in the movie, but he is still so good. My comfort is that even if he did have dialogue, I probably would not have understood him anyway.

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